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Deciphering Me
I Am a Locked Room in a Tall Tower
Leanne and Alicia?! And Leanne didn't even HAVE any mistletoe?! You are a HYPOCRITE, George Weasley!!!!! A hypocrite who I don't like very much right now. I think. UGH. Well, I'm NOT a hypocrite, so I've walked under one of these stupid things AGAIN, like you TOLD ME I SHOULD. Ugh, ugh, ugh. Damnit.

Fred! I think I'm in need of your services again... Stupid mistletoe. Worst idea I've ever had.

What is WRONG with me these days?!

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Today in the library I was reading ahead in leafing through my Muggle Studies textbook and there was a section about Muggle medicine. It's pretty interesting how they cure diseases without potions and spells. Some of it's pretty gross though. I mean, really, whoever came up with the idea of "immunizations" must have been completely deranged. Injecting people with disease?! With NEEDLES?! I read about these pills people take which fix their brains so they feel happy even when maybe they really aren't. I'll have to read it again to really understand what it meant. But anyway, I couldn't help but think that maybe Umbridge has been taking them. It might explain the pink. If she's not taking them... maybe she ought to be?


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I figured using the journals was safer than owls or passing these around. Please spread the word to NEWT students without journals too! I want everyone to come to my party! I'm coming of age!!!!!!!!!

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I'm beginning to think there is not enough love in this castle. First, there was the Stebbins and Fawcett debacle. Second, there is that fact that Pixiedust seems to be avoiding Ben Botha after Charms class... which is sad because he is utterly adorable if long winded. Thirdly, Sweetie and Alicia aren't in love yet! Something must be wrong! And finally, I find out the reason Altair seems a bit down is that he and Lucy Montgomery broke up.

See, a distinct lack of love. But, never fear, I'm going to fix it!!!!!!!!
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I can't find my coffee. Is this someones idea of a joke? WHERE IS IT?!

Oh please don't let it be gone. Oh please, oh please. Hogsmeade is SO far away!!!! Where did it go?! I've been drinking a perfectly reasonable amount. Only a few cups at every meal. And a couple in between. OH NO.

I CAN'T do my DADA work, or lack of it, without coffee. HELP!

Fred, what's the possibility on inventing a caffeine pill for emergencies like this?!

If Corner and Boot are behind this there will be no end to the suffering.

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Name: Verity Mnemosyne Jenkins, goes by Verity or Tee to her friends.
Gender: Female
Date of birth: October 27th, 1978
Year: 6th
House: Ravenclaw
Blood status: Unsure. The only thing Verity’s mother, Cecilia Vance, told her older sister, Emmeline (Verity’s aunt who has raised her since practically infancy,) about the girl’s father is that his last name was Jenkins. The Vance family are purebloods, so she is at least a halfblood.

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