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Deciphering Me

I Am a Locked Room in a Tall Tower

Verity Mnemosyne Jenkins
27 October 1978
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Once upon a time there was a woman who wanted to name her daughter
‘Mnemosyne.’ (Mnemosyne-- for those of you who don’t know-- being
the mother of the Muses by Zeus,) Luckily, she had a much more
sensible, older sister who said that naming a child Mnemosyne was
downright cruelty and she wouldn’t stand for it. So the younger sister
decided to call her baby girl ‘Verity’ ... which wasn’t a whole lot better.
That baby girl was me.

I’m Verity Mnemosyne Jenkins, Ravenclaw 6th year and long suffering
adorer of redheaded pranksters and Slytherin Quidditch Gods alike. Yes,
I’m that small blonde who hangs about with the Weasley twins. Not to
be confused with the other, smaller blonde who hangs around with Fred
and George. Katie Bell is a Gryffindor and a Quidditch player. I am, quite
decidedly, neither of these things.

I’m addicted to I enjoy coffee a reasonable amount and I’m
afraid will only share my stash with Roger because I just can’t afford to
run out and I’ve seen how my housemates can drink the stuff.
I also
like eating, and inventing things, and pranking, and stealing Fred
and George’s products to trying to improve them... which can have some
VERY mixed results,
and reading, and loving on the prickly, rather
unwilling, portion of the male population of Hogwarts who are generally
deemed to be baby sacrificers at best ehem, Montague.

I’m taking Muggle Studies, Transfiguration, Charms, DADA and
Arithmancy. I do tutor, I suppose. Just ask nicely and bribing me
with chocolate or something of equal value wouldn’t hurt.

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Disclaimer: This RPG character is taken from the Harry Potter series created and owned by JK Rowling (ie. it's not really Verity). Neither is it Arielle Kebbel, the actress in the icons. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.